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When will I receive the edited Images?
You will receive the edited HDR images within 2 business days after the photoshoot. As soon as your professional HDR photos are ready, we will notify you by both email and text.
How long does a photoshoot take?
A photoshoot normally takes between 30-90 mins. The length of a photoshoot depends on the numbers of photos ordered in the photo package, the add-ons and the size of the property. Make sure to have the property ready for the photoshoot, before the photographer arrives to the property.
Will I get the un-edited pictures?
No, we don’t deliver the un-edited HDR Photos to our clients, only the edited HDR photos get delivered to you
Can you edit the images taken by the homeowner or someone else?
No, our editing-team can only edit images taken by our company.
Can you photograph the home at sunset?
Yes. Choose the Standard Twilight Photos add-on at checkout. This is where we take the photos at dusk/sunset. We also offer Virtual Twilight Photos as an option where we digitally generate realistic twilight photos.
Is it ok if the home is completely empty?
Of course! We can also create Virtual Staging Photos, where we add realistic 3D furniture to the photos that we take. Feel free to contact us, if you’re interested in this option.
How will my photos be delivered?
We deliver all edited photos and videos by download link. You will receive an email notification and text message with the link to access your assets, where you can download all your photos and videos from.
What editing should I expect?
We try to keep the original colors and we edit and add blue sky to all windows with a sky and all exterior photos, adding fire at the fire place and beautiful graphics to TVs. All this editing is included in all photos. You can order extra editing, if you need more editing, such as object removal, patch grass, add blue water in pool, remove spots, declutter, clean driveway, clean pool etc. This has an extra cost of $15 per photo. You’d need to contact us in order to communicate your request.
Do the Weather conditions impact the shoot?
We will always attempt to make bookings on days when the weather forecast is favorable. In case of rain, we will reach out to reschedule the photoshoot free of charge. It is not a problem if the weather is cloudy with grey skies, because we can edit and add a perfect blue sky to all exterior photos, so all photos will look like they were taken on the best day of the year!
How much notice do you need to schedule my photo shoot?
Ideally, for day time photo shoots 2-3 days notice should be provided in order to get your preferred date and time. We can often also accommodate last minute requests, but it is best not to rely on that.
Do I have to meet you at the home to give you access?
No, you don’t have to be present at the photoshoot, as long as you make sure to provide the photographer with access to the property.
How can I help prepare the property for a real estate photo shoot?
The neater and cleaner your home or business is, the better it will photograph. Always start with a good cleaning. Customers must ensure that a property is in a clean and tidy condition, prior to photography.

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