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What's the difference between your Viral Plans and photo packages?
Our Viral Plans are 4 month subscriptions designed to give you more exposure in social media with the goal of generating more listings and sales for you. Our viral plans will provide you with vertically formatted videos ready-to-share on social media and include multiple properties. Viral Plans also include 60 horizontal photos and 6 drone photos per property.

Photo packages on the other hand, are designed to provide you with horizontal photographs formatted for web or print use. Photo packages are used to schedule a shoot of a single property.

What are Viral Plans?
Viral Plans are social media marketing campaigns designed to increase interactions, give you more exposure, bring more awareness to your services and thus, generate more sales. Viral Plans include shooting photography and video in both MLS and social media formats so you can use on your website, Zillow,, etc; as well as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

Each plan includes a number of properties and a number of ready-to-share videos per month. It is designed as a monthly subscription for 4 months in order to allow social media algorithms to properly index your content. It is strongly recommended to keep for a minimum of 8 months.

With our Viral Plans you don’t have to showcase your own listings! If you want to become a Real Estate Agent who specializes in golf homes in Fort Lauderdale, you can by showcasing these types of properties on your social media profiles. Most listing agents will be more than happy that you showcase their properties, the end result is that audiences will make a connection between you and the properties you promote, and when they’re interested in listing or buying those homes, you’ll be the first person they contact!

How long are the viral videos?
The ready-to-share videos from our Viral Plans are typically between 15-40 seconds long. Depending on the plan, you’ll receive 10-15 videos per property. At a minimum 2 of them will be around 15 seconds, most of them will be around 30 and a few of them will be around 40 seconds. We allow for variability based on the content, while we know we want to keep them relatively short in order to make sure people watch them in their entirety, we don’t want to simply cut them at a specified time. We want to create the best content for you!
What are voiceover videos?
Voiceover videos are narrated videos that showcase a property and its best features. You will provide the features that you want highlighted, and we’ll take care of the rest!
What is the difference between agent on camera and agent interview videos?
During our “agent on camera” videos, we shoot scenes with you addressing the camera, talking to your audience about some of the features of the property. They’re designed to show your personality as well as the property.

Agent interview videos on the other hand, focus on you. People want to connect with you at a personal level. There are many Real Estate Agents in Florida, but there’s only one you!

How does the Viral Plan subscription work?
Viral Plans are 4-month subscriptions designed to increase awareness of your services, giving you more exposure and increasing your sales.

When you choose a Viral Plan, you’ll receive a link via email to schedule a shoot for your first property. As soon as the shoot and assets are completed, the 4-month timer starts. In other words, we start counting the 4 months based on delivery of the assets of the first property. From that point on, we’ll schedule the rest of the shoots.

When we deliver the assets, we’ll also provide you with strategies for success in growing your social media presence. The Viral Plans don’t include social media management, but it can be added if you wish.

I'm not ready for a Viral Plan. How can I try your services?
No worries. We totally understand. We suggest that you pick a photo package and add the Social Media Ready Videos add-on on the checkout page. This will give you a glimpse at what you could expect to receive from our Viral Plans.

Please remember that the Viral Plans are designed to generate growth on social media sites based on the quality and quantity of relevant content.

Your à la carte services don't have prices. Why?
Our à la carte services are custom solutions designed specifically to meet your needs. We prefer to discuss what you have in mind beforehand and then come up with a solution and pricing that benefits you.

If you’re interested in discussing our à la carte services, please contact us so we can better serve you.

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Our expert photographers and videographers will make sure your listings look desirable, in order to attract as many eyes as possible, this way you'll get more leads and quicker sales.

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Taking pictures and video is only one of the things we can help you with. Our goal is to help you get more exposure. Our Viral Plans will help you do just that.

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The goal is to help you sell more homes. Our plans are designed to give you more exposure, so you can get more homes listed and sold.

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